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Facial reflexology!

Exciting times! I am attending a facial reflexology course on Sunday and being taught by the master – Ziggy Bergman. This means I will now be able to offer an anti-aging facial using reflexology techniques on the face. I actually cannot wait to be ‘practised on’ by other students on Sunday. Will offer the treatment… Read more »

Sports Therapy

I am excited to be branching into an area which interests me greatly. I will be qualified in Sports Massage by July 2016 and plan to undertake further post qualification CPD and training throughout 2016. As a keen runner (with a marathon running, kick-boxing husband) I cannot wait to get started!

Labour Induction using Reflexology

Babies will come when they’re ready.  No two ways about it. But, Reflexology can help to balance the body, calm the mind and prepare the body for labour. If a baby is overdue, it’ll also likely start contractions or Braxton Hicks.  But as ever, there is no guarantee.  I have had two lovely ladies see me… Read more »

Trying to help others

So this week, I have been on the phone A LOT! Not only do I want to help couples with infertility issues but I also love treating elderly people and would love to work with people with neurological issues. Reflexology is extremely beneficial for the elderly, it can increase the circulation which is extremely important for elderly… Read more »

Touch is powerful.

Touch is powerful. Amongst higher animals, touch and grooming form an important part of daily life which provides comfort and creates social bonds. As babies, touch provides our most powerful experiences and creates the most comfort but as adults, we tend to shy away from being in close proximity to others and we don’t feel… Read more »