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I have just had my first Bergman Method Facial with Bekki. It is the most relaxing treatment I have ever experienced. It was actually a profound experienc.

Mrs D L****, Aylesbury

I started going to Chiltern Holistic Therapy a couple of months ago for reflexology. I suffer with anxiety and stress and it has helped me hugely. Bekki is fantastic at what she does - she is always friendly and is genuinely interested in how you are. The therapy room is great, very professional and a calming atmosphere. Give it a go- you will not be disappointed!.

Miss C W*****, Aylesbury

I would consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to deep tissue massage. I have had many treatments and unfortunately several where I have been left feeling disappointed and still as tense as when I arrived. I was extremely satisfied after my session with Bekki, she has a fantastic technique and uses the perfect amount of pressure. I certainly felt relaxed afterwards and can't wait to book again.

Mrs T H*****, Aylesbury

I have just come back from another fantastic session with Bekki. I've just had 30 minutes reflexology and 30 minutes foot massage. This may not seem strange or that special however, for those that know me you will understand that to me that is a big deal. Before coming to Bekki I absolutely hated my feet being touched by anyone. I originally contacted Bekki as I was having issues with my sinuses and wanted to try reflexology. I made Becky aware of my concerns about my feet being touched and she took this on board and put me at ease. Within the first few sessions I found my confidence and trust in Bekki grow and I have now got to a place where I can enjoy my feet being touched. I can honestly say that if anyone is nervous about having any of Bekki's treatments because they have a concern like I did please don't let it put you off. Becky is a fantastic therapist and she really does listen to you to make sure that your treatment is exactly how you want it to be. .

Mrs T H*****, Aylesbury


I have been looking after my elderly mother who had Alzheimers Demetia so very stressful. I have had some wonderful, relaxing and calming reflexology sessions with Bekki and they have made such a difference to my daily life. So thank you Bekki and your 'Magic Hands'. Looking forward to my next session.

Mrs D O'****, Aylesbury


During my pregnancy I had a few complications with my own health so after being advised by my consultant at 37 weeks pregnant to try and get things 'moving' I decided to ask Bekki to work her magic.  I really didn't want a sweep which had been booked for me and I didn't have time for a caesarean as I already have 4 year old twins who would not let me rest afterwards.  I wanted to be as natural about it all as possible.  So Bekki kindly squeezed me in on a saturday afternoon for 'Induction'.  Now, I'm not gonna lie - it isn't the normal relaxing session I had got used to (and love) however by the following morning I had started contractions and she was out the following morning!  Talk about good service!

Mrs T H*****, Bedgrove  Aylesbury


Had sessions of Reflexology with the lovely Bekki, I was so stressed out after an accident.  Feel much more chilled now, was amazing also my headaches have eased off.  Will be making another appointment soon.

Ms L C*****, Aylesbury


At 41 weeks pregnant and keen to avoid 'medical induction' a friend recommended Chiltern Holistic Therapy for reflexology.  I'd never had reflexology before but Becky explained the process brilliantly, made sure I was comfortable and gave me a relaxing massage as well as the reflexology treatment!  Less than 48 hours later I was cuddling my baby daughter and had successfully avoided the medical induction!  I would thoroughly recommend this treatment to aid relaxation, reduce late pregnancy aches and sleeplessness or to get your body geared up for labour... it definitely worked for me!!

Mrs R M*****, Aylesbury


Fantastic session of reflexology by a lovely lady.... would definitely recommend.... it's amazing what your feet say about your body!

Ms S H********, Aylesbury


I've always hated my feet touched, not because it's ticklish but just I hate it!  So, after nearly 9 months of having a recurring illness I have decided to go down the holistic route and thought I should look into Reflexology.  I contacted Bekki and was really pleased when she said I could have a taster session to see if I liked it, I thought to myself that this would be to see if I could tolerate it but to my surprise I loved it... after I let myself relax into it I actually found I enjoyed it!  I think it helps that Bekki is very professional and made me feel relaxed and in control of everything she was doing.  Anyway, I've just booked my 1st full length session and am really looking forward to it...

Mrs T H*****, Aylesbury


I got admitted to hospital when I was 24 weeks pregnant with severe migraines.  When the Neurologist came in to see me he suggested that I tried holistic therapy.  At this point, I started to see Becky for Reflexology.  I have been seeing Becky for a number of weeks now and can happily say that I am migraine free, no longer taking pain relief or in discomfort.  She is truly amazing at what she does, I will continue to recommend Becky and her fantastic work.

Ms S Y*****, Waddesdon


I visited Bekki due to general aching limbs, lethargy and poor quality sleep.  I felt very 'looked after' and comfortable during the sessions and slept brilliantly.  I feel generally in better health and have more energy.

Mrs P M******, Chinnor


I've had a limp since a hip replacement two years ago and since having 1 session of Reflexology at Chiltern Holistic Therapy my walking has improved dramatically so much so that I would recommend this treatment to anyone experiencing the same difficulties.  It is soothing and relaxing and most definitely works.

Mr K S********, Chesham


A big thank you to Bekki from Chiltern Holistic Therapy for my Hopi Ear treatment,
it has really helped clear my blocked ears and I would definitely recommend the treatment and Bekki!!

Mrs K S*******, Aylesbury


I visited Bekki for Reflexology prior to starting a cycle of Clomid in order to to prepare my body to conceive.
I’d not had a period for many years due to PCOS but after just 4 weekly treatments I was amazed when I had a menstrual cycle. Bekki is not only first class at the treatment itself (I nodded off more than once!), she also has compassion and is very knowledgeable within the field of infertility and medically assisted fertility treatments. My Clomid cycle was successful first time and I now have my lovely son. I plan to return for more treatments when I decide to try for baby number two.

 Mrs R W******, Watermead, Aylesbury


I have enjoyed both Reflexology and Indian Head Massage with Bekki. I had Reflexology treatments to help with the symptoms of a long menopause, I also suffer with sinus problems which Bekki found straight away and managed to unblock (from my feet!). Her Indian Head Massage is a great stress buster. Stress always seems to melt away from my neck and shoulders during a treatment.

Mrs A L********, Berkshire


Lovely Reflexology treatments with Chiltern Holistic Therapy, Bekki knew I was pregnant before I did!


Mrs F R********, South Oxfordshire