Trying to help others

So this week, I have been on the phone A LOT!

Not only do I want to help couples with infertility issues but I also love treating elderly people and would love to work with people with neurological issues.

Reflexology is extremely beneficial for the elderly, it can increase the circulation which is extremely important for elderly people. and can be very helpful for clients recovering from hip replacement surgery, knee replacement.     The techniques used can help reduce cholesterol levels, reduce and maintain lower blood pressure and assist with mobility.    It is also relaxing and provides an elderly person with an hour of pure relaxation, conversation and even a few laughs! 

In term of neurological conditions, For patients with little or no mobility, it is vital to ensure that three key systems – circulatory, eliminatory and immune – are all stimulated to encourage them to work as effectively as they can.   Reflexology can tap into these areas and treat any imbalance.

I have also worked with a client with MS and was able to improve MS-related bladder issues, muscle stiffness, and sensory symptoms.

Fingers crossed some of the organisations I’ve contacted today get back to me!   This feels like my ‘calling in life’