Labour Induction using Reflexology

Babies will come when they’re ready.  No two ways about it.

But, Reflexology can help to balance the body, calm the mind and prepare the body for labour.

If a baby is overdue, it’ll also likely start contractions or Braxton Hicks.  But as ever, there is no guarantee. 

I have had two lovely ladies see me recently for induction sessions which I will only ever undertake when the pregnancy is at term.  Both were overdue (treatments tend to work better when overdue).

The first began having contractions the moment I hit the ‘sweet spot’ as I call it and they continued throughout the day but alas, they wore off by the next day.  Baby was finally born by elective C-section 4 days later.

The second lady experience tightenings half way into her treatment and felt a lot of activity going on in her uterus.  Her hind waters went about 10 minutes from the end of the session and her lovely baby was born a day later via a very speedy, text book delivery.